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"An angel of kindness" (Ewana)
PostWysłany: Sob Maj 31, 2008 00:04 Odpowiedz z cytatem
Dyrektorka opery ;)
Dyrektorka opery ;)
Dołączył: 23 Lut 2008
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Skąd: Bytom

przeniesione posty - Ewana

It was cold and rainy night when Lavie went to dark forrest..She was so sad, because she lose her best friend...Lavie was crying and crying..
She thought that she didn't have anything left in her life..
Lavie have had such a sad life...She have lose so many things in her life..
10 years ago her mother passed away...and hers father left Lavie alone..
Lavie was only 6-years-old by then...Lavie had to go to children's home..
All people there was so meany to her..But only one girl was friendly and kind to Lavie.
This girl was Nami...
Lavie and Nami became best friends...
But 10years after....Namie suddenly died and Lavie escaped from children's home to the forrest of horros....
Lavie was lost and she was so hopeless..she wished that if monsters could kill her..she didn't want to live anymore...
She couldn't stop crying...untill she heard someone singing! She was kinda surprised because the singer sounded like an angel..Lavie din't believe her ears...Because she was in the forrest of horrors of course...
there should be only monsters and deamons..not angels...
Lavie stopped crying and she walked towards this beautiful voice...
Lavie walked and walked...the voice of angel's was getting louder...but Lavie thought she can't reach it....She fall on the earth and started to cry again...but suddenly someone thouched her hair and said "don't be so sad!" Lavie sobed and turned around..
Lavie saw the most beautiful boy with wings...Lavie couldn't believe what she just saw...she thought se was dreming...Lavie asked frightened "Who are you? why you are here!"
This boy with wings said with little smile "I'm an Angel and I came to give you happiness!
And Your friend Nami wanted to send hi to you..She also wanted to say that Don't cry..She's always with you in your heart.."
Lavie was crying again..but she was also smiling...Then Lavie asked "Do you have a name?"
Angel nod and said "My name is Vitas" then he grabed Lavies hand and gave her a big hug!
Lavie felt weird burning in her heart...She felt that she was safe..and she was!
Lavie said "thank you" again...Angel just smiled to her..Lavie opened her mouth and asked "Can you sing me something? I'm pretty sure that you were singing suddenly.."
Vitas the angel of kindness and glory nod again and started to sing..
"Let every song have its wings
Let birds fly up in the sky
Let our hearts warm up
Waiting again for the coming of spring
I request all the saints
For my near and dear and strangers too..."
then the whole forrest became brighter and birds started to sing.Althought it was still a night...But it was Vitas' merits!
...All the horror left...The forrest was happier place...
And Lavie was so amazed....She couldn't say anything...

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Wysłany: Sob Maj 31, 2008 00:04

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